Incorrigible - Westcoast Tales Feature with Short - Nov. 5, 2022 (5:30 PM)
YEAR 2022

Want to hear an unbelievable Canadian story? In 1939 Velma Demerson was jailed for falling in love with a Chinese man. Pregnant and without legal counsel, she was sentenced to one year in prison. 60 years later she sued the Ontario government for wrongful incarceration. Here is her story!

Writer: Karin Lee

Producer(s): Cheuk Kwan, Karin Lee

Subject: Velma Demerson

Subtitles: English



Director in Attendance, Q & A

preceded by short, But I Look Like a Lawyer.

DATE November 5, 2022
TIME 5:30 PM
LOCATION Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas, 3rd floor, 88 West Pender Street, Vancouver BC
LENGTH 45 mins

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