Westcoast Tales Short + Feature Program - But I Look Like a Lawyer
DIRECTOR(S) Audrey Jun and Louisa Winn
YEAR 2021

Asians were barred from practising law in B.C. up until 1947. This documentary recounts the Pan-Asian legal community?s lived experiences of discrimination, stereotyping, and bias. FACL BC aims to increase awareness and intercultural competency through this project, inspired by the documentary, ?But I Was Wearing a Suit?.

Writer: Audrey Jun and Louisa Winn

Producer(s): Dyson Media, Tim Chui, Jeremy Dyson, Brendan Keown, Audrey Jun, Louisa Winn, Hasan Alam, Karen Chow, Afifa Hashimi, Khalil Jessa, Rasmeet Mohar, Steven Ngo, Tina Parbhakar, Sara Pedlow, Angelina Sung, Fiona Wong

Cast: Professor Henry Yu, Dr. Carol Liao, Dr. Asad G. Kiyani, Dr. Pooja Parmar, Winston Sayson QC, Louisa Winn QC, Jeff Young, Sena Byun, Gloria M. Ng, Steven Ngo, Jennifer Lau, Linda G. Yang, Hasan Alam, Fiona Wong, Mark Iyengar, Rasmeet Mohar, Sara Pedlow

Previous Awards:

2021 Canadian Law Blogs Award (Clawbies) for Best Innovative Project;
Audrey Jun, Director and Producer received the 2022 Canadian Bar Association, British Columbia Branch Equality & Diversity Award for her work on the documentary.

Followed by Feature, Incorrigible

DATE November 5, 2022
TIME 5:30 PM
LOCATION Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas, 3rd floor, 88 West Pender Street, Vancouver BC
LENGTH 33.33 mins